Experience the real Albania! If you love authentic flavors, you're in the right place. Because we love them ourselves, we've decided to add a selection of Albanian teas, medicinal herbal blends, spices, and herbs for cooking to our offerings so you can taste the real Albania right in your kitchen.

All herbs and spices come from the company Merja bioprodukte. Merja specializes in the collection and careful processing of wild Albanian medicinal plants. From these plants, they produce a wide range of products, including essential oils, cosmetics, and, of course, various types of herbal spices.

When selecting herbs, teas, and spices from Albania, we focused on quality and authenticity. We believe that our offerings will provide you with an exceptional experience while supporting traditional Albanian agriculture. Explore the scents and flavors of Albania and add an unforgettable dimension to your dishes.

Discover our diverse range of Albanian herbal teas, medicinal herbal blends, spices, and herbs for cooking, and embark on a new culinary adventure. Be part of our journey into the world of Albanian scents and flavors.