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Bees & Trees

Do you suffer from problematic skin and acne? Try a selection of natural and BIO cosmetics. More

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A natural way to get rid of acne that does not burden the skin with unnecessary chemicals.

How to do it?


Cleanse the skin with a cleansing foam and then apply an appropriate amount of moisturizer. Massage until completely absorbed.


Clean the neck and face first with a make-up remover gel and cleansing foam. Then apply an exfoliating AHA toner that helps effectively remove dead cells, minimizes excessive pigmentation and prepares the skin to retain moisture. If you are new to acid exfoliators, start using them lightly (2-3 times a week and only at night) and gradually incorporate them more often as needed. The last step is to apply a moisturizing cream.

  • The double cleansing method (cleansing with oil and foam) ensures a more effective cleaning of the skin. It removes impurities and excess oil without drying out and disrupting the natural skin career.
  • Gentle cleansing foam with 2% salicylic acid and 1% niacinamide to help minimize skin imperfections and restore its natural balance.
  • Helps skin regeneration.
  • Gentle and effective skin exfoliation with AHA acid suitable even for sensitive skin due to the content of natural ingredients in organic quality.
  • Radiant and unified skin.

This set includes:

  1. Bees & Trees Organic Precleansing gel (gel to milk)
  2. Bees & Trees Natural BHA cleansing foam
  3. Bees & Trees Organic AHA exfoliating toner
  4. Bees & Trees Natural moisturizing cream