Albania is a beautiful country. Unspoiled nature persists in the mountains, with little human intervention so far. On the contrary, as the young generation leaves for work in the cities, the mountains are depopulated.

The locals are proud but very hospitable people who respect nature and know crafts. Thanks to years of isolation, which protected the local economy from degradation to a consumer society, a unique mix is ​​created. A mix of beautiful nature, friendly and hardworking people and a growing economy based on tourism.

Founder's Confession

I fell in love with Albania during my first visit in 2006. Albania was still a largely undiscovered country that had a rather bad reputation in the Czech Republic. In one sentence - Albanian mafia, killed tourists and no infrastructure.

But I found a different Albania - beautiful mountains, hospitable people, great experiences.

Then I traveled for some time to other countries, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria. But Albania was still in my mind and I couldn't forget it. I went back again in 2015 and have been there several times every year since.

I don't go to the coast, but to the mountains, to places where almost no one speaks English, but everyone still tries to welcome you. To untouched nature, which is full of beautiful places, where you are the only tourist in a radius of dozens of kilometers.

Already in 2015, I thought that I would like to do something more here than just get to know and travel.

At first I thought I would build a cottage in Albania. But then I thought it would be a shame not to share the beauty. And that's how the cottage became a guesthouse. I have decided that one day I will build a guesthouse in the Albanian Mountains. And not just any guesthouse - but ecological, nature-friendly and integrated part of local culture and nature.

I just wanted to give others the opportunity to experience Albania. Not the commercial one on the beaches of Ksamil, but the real, slightly rough and sometimes wild mountain Albania.

This is how the LiveAlbania project was born sometime in 2019. It was still in my head, but I wasn't alone anymore. I had a partner, my girlfriend (and now my wife) Alexandra.

We went to Albania for the first time to find out what and how to buy. Then COVID came into it, but we didn't give up and they kept developing the LiveAlbania plan in their minds.

And finally, in 2022, the project starts!

Vladimir Přikryl

What does it stand for?

Our project has 3 pillars:

  • LiveAlbania e-shop, where we will gradually offer Albanian products. In the spirit of the project, it will always be purely natural products of the highest quality. Or other products made in the mountains
  • A guesthouse in the mountains, where we already own the land and are preparing construction plans
  • We want to use our existing network of contacts in Albania and support the entry of Czech companies into the growing Albanian market

I am happy that after 6 years our project is finally starting and we are starting fresh - Bees and Trees facial cosmetics and Merja herbal teas and spice are among the best that Albania has to offer!